All spidertracks tracking data is sent in real time through the Iridium Satellite Network back to the spidertracks website. All you need is a login to view the tracks your aircraft create, and you can see the tracks from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection. There is no need to have software installed, just login and away you go.      

Mobile application for iOS

And now you don't need to be stuck at the computer to see where your aircraft are either. We have developed an application specifically for viewing the latest tracks of your aircraft from your iPhone or iPod Touch. Just visit the App Store to download the application now. A small charge for using the application will be applied in early 2014. 


The spidertracks website allows you to add, edit and delete aircraft at any time. You can add as many members as you like to the system and give them administration permission, viewing rights to specific aircraft, or simply add them as an SOS contact. 

Sectional Charts

From January 2014 the spidertracks map interface has the option to select the Sectional Charts Layer. With up to date sectionals for the entire world, hosted by SkyVector, you will be able to view your tracks over aviation specific charts. A small charge for using the charts will begin in early 2014.